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Family Owned & Operated Since 1995, The Countertoppers, LLC has been providing quality countertops and exceptional service to our valued customers across eastern Montana and northern Wyoming. We specialize in fine countertop products, servicing the home owner, contractor and the wholesale markets.

Natural Stone

Proper care of granite countertops requires knowledge – knowledge from granite pros. Sealing granite, contrary to what you may have heard, is not the only consideration. In fact, the performance of various granites can differ greatly. Granite is a porous stone and usually has fine fissures. It is very important to seal this surface with a Penetrating Sealer on a regular basis.

Proper cleaning with an Industry approved cleaner is essential prior to the application of the sealer.

After cleaning, The Sealer is applied. It is essential that the sealer be applied properly to enhance and protect the natural stone.

Don’t let stains from coffee, wine,and other spills ruin the elegance of your stone counter top. Keep your granite & marble shining with a Professional grade sealer.


Solid Surface

Solid Surfaces are nonporous, so normal, everyday cleaning only requires a damp cloth and a mild cleanser.

  • Never place hot pans directly from the burner or oven on the solid surface. While it can withstand sustained temperatures up to 225°F, prolonged or extreme heat could cause yellowing.
  • Always use a trivet under heated appliances, such as crock-pots, electric frying pans, etc.
  • Although minor cuts and scratches can be repaired, deep cuts and cracks will require the service of a professional.
  • Strong acids (such as those found in drain, toilet bowl, and oven cleaners) should be used cautiously. If any of these items come in contact with the solid surface, wipe them up at once. Some of these items, when left on the surface, may cause whitening, which can be difficult to remove.

Engineered Quartz

Quartz is resistant to most stains including wine, lemon juice, tea, coffee, and fruits and vegetables. Normal cleaning only requires the use of a damp cloth and a mild household detergent. For best results, clean spills as soon as possible.

  • For dried spills, a non-abrasive scrub pad can be used. Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a damp cloth to remove all residue.
  • For tough spots made by substances such as paint, gum, grease or food, carefully use a razor blade to scrape away the residue prior to cleaning. The scraping may leave a grey metal mark on the surface and can easily be cleaned off use a recommended cleanser and non-abrasive pad. Buff with a damp cloth.
  • For stubborn spots or stains, apply a pad of soaked paper towels and approved cleanser to the area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. After proceed with necessary cleaning methods and buffing.

The following are recommended bleach-free, non-abrasive commercial cleaners for the routine care and maintenance of your quartz surface:

    • Simple Green® lime-scale remover
    • Vinegar cleaner (diluted)
    • Bar Keeper’s Friend®
    • Formula 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner
    • Lysol®
    • Greased Lightning®


Laminate is designed for beauty and durability. Like any surfacing materials it can be damaged by abuse and carelessness. When used as recommended with proper use and care, the end result is years of satisfaction.

  • In most cases, you only need to use a clean, damp, nonabrasive cotton cloth and a mild liquid detergent or household cleaner.
  • Rinse with clean water, using a clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth.
  • Do not flood the laminate, especially near seams, since water can penetrate and cause the substrate to swell.
  • Dry the surface with a soft, clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth.


The Countertoppers is a certified fabricator and installer of the many fine products we represent, which includes laminates, solid surfaces, natural stones, and engineered quartz products. Our progressive fabrication facility and experience allow us to tackle any custom project.


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